Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 At a glance

I was browsing through blogs during December holidays reading about all the
excitement that everyone was going through around the holidays.
I read a few that (like me) had let December take them away without sending Christmas letters/cards.
This year was the year I was going to start writing Christmas cards to our dear loved ones,
I bought the cards, purchased nice writing pens, set aside a day to write them, had everyone's
addresses ready to go....... that day came and went with out even thinking about the letters and cards....... I feel awful for forgetting them, but figured I could make up a wee bit by writing to my
blogger world about our lovely year of 2012~ hope you enjoy!
January was a VERY busy month. Prepping for a wedding, and figuring out where life was taking us.
Cody and I were married January 21, 2012 in the Cardston, Alberta temple surrounded by the people we love the most. It was a lot of fun, A LOT of work (done mostly by my poor mother), but was
a night I will never forget. When fairy tales talk about enchanted nights, they meant nights like that. It was beautiful.
February Cody and I were on our honeymoon(we came back to Calgary early February). We flew off our wedding night to Miami, Florida and waited to set sail to Grand Cayman Islands and Jamaica.
This was my first time flying.... and it was STANDBY!( I hate flying standby, though I am very grateful for the standby tickets, I hated every minute of it). The cruise was a lot of fun, we ate a lot! I found a new love for lemonade. There is nothing better then sitting on the top deck of a cruise ship drinking lemonade. It was swell. I also found a love for free room service, their garlic mashed potatoes, steak, and all their desserts! Yum, Yum! There is seriously nothing greater then cruise food- Cody loved it too. While we were in Grand Cayman, we did a quick tour of the island and went to the turtle farm. Oh man! Those little turtles were no bigger then my hand and they were so cute!
We then sailed our way to Jamaica where we hiked up Dunn's river falls(If you go to Jamaica and are debating about doing this, you should do it. SO fun!) We also did a tour of Jamaica. It's a very interesting place to be..... It was however the first time I touched ocean water! We swam with dolphins their and I got LOTS of water in my mouth.... but definitely worth it!
Cody and I began our calling as Sunbeam Teachers. That was such a fun calling. The little wee ones are always so fun to talk to and hear their sweet voices. Cody got climbed on a lot, and always ended up cleaning up after snack time.
In this month, we also decided we were going to purchase a home.(We were currently  living in Cody's parents basement) and started looking around. We wrote up our down payment in this month and gave it to our builders....(I immediately felt sick and it took about 2 days to get over it :P)
We didn't do much in April. As we were saving for our house expenses and purchases.
Cody got a new job at Scotiabank at the Call Centre. He enjoys himself their but can't wait to start back in a branch as a Financial Advisor. ( He is currently working on his IFIC)
I finished my Manager Customer Service Training with Scotiabank and accepted a job in Chestermere, Alberta. I love it out their. It's a wonderful place to work, and sometimes I wish I lived their. It's a great community to work in and I really enjoy the job that I have there.
June was the month we purchased all of our furniture for our house( minimal to everyone else. BIG DEAL to us) We were able to hit up some great deals and get everything we wanted!
July was the big move! We took possession July 31 and moved in that day. We are still finding we are adjusting to it but I'm sure once I  have figured out how I want the furniture to go that will help. Cody was such a big help during this month. He was always helping me pack and buying things for the house.
We also went to Vernon, BC for a family vacation with the Zemp's. My FIRST family vacation. It was a lot of fun, but I definitely missed my family and our family vacations as well. ( I am hoping to head to Radium with  my family this year as I missed out last year.... they went while we were moving)
August we just adjusted to the new house, organized, cleaned, de-cluttered.... and camped. That was the extent of August.....
In September we got 1 new niece and 1 new nephew(on Cody's side) and a new nice on my side.
We spent a lot of time this month getting to know the new wee ones and helping our family as we could. It was also a month of camping and relaxing at our house.
Cody turned 22! That was a lot of fun! He celebrated by inviting his close friends and family to dinner at Bolero's. Cody's favourite restaurant. We ate A LOT, and could barely move.... but somehow managed to get dessert! October was a fun month with Cody, preparing for his birthday and celebrating life together.
November Cody and I started to prepare for Christmas. I started the bang by going down to Black Friday in Great Falls, Montana with my sister in law. WHAT A FUN EXPERIENCE! I can't wait to do it next year..... we got a bunch of awesome deals and I seriously can't wait to go back!
This month we prepared for our First Christmas together. It was so fun! We watched a bunch of Christmas movies, spent lots of money, tried to hand out goodies to our neighbours.... but no one answered their doors. We gave service to people we loved and cared for and prepared ourselves for a fun filled Christmas. It was a hard Christmas for me as this was the first Christmas I was away from my family. Luckily, I  have a great In law family who made the holiday season a hoot!
We definitely got spoiled by our parents and siblings and ate too much. But loved spending Christmas and New Years with family.
We left for my parents for New Years and had such a fun time! (in fact! We just got home from their tonight..... and already wish we were back)
We also welcomed a new nephew on my side. The best Christmas present of them all!
Cody and I are so excited for 2013. We know good things are going to come this year and can't wait for them all to start. Cody is gearing up to build our fence and deck....(I hope) and I am prepping myself for my first attempt at a garden! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings. I know that it is going to be a great year though, and I can't wait to begin it. Cody and I have decided a few person New Years Resolutions for ourselves. (I will blog about them later)
I can't wait to begin. See you all in 2013!
(oh and for those that care....my birthday is in 15 days! I can't wait!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

My dad

Today is my dads birthday. He is 56!!! I can't believe my dad is already 56. I remember when my dad would take us to calaway park and Ride all the crazy rides with us.

He really is the BEST dad. He is always there when I need him and is always the peacemaker between all his daughters ;). He is a patient man, with an understanding of the needs of his children.

My favorite things about my dad are:
1) He speaks Spanish.
2) he helps Cody speak proper Spanish.( Cody went to my parents house and said this sentence to my dad,( and I quote) " me hispanico en me casa" - my favorite part of this- my dad helped the rest of us tease Cody on how he can't speak Spanish.
3) my dad gives pretty good hugs
4) he is the family peace maker
5) he loves to cook- and has awesome cooking- he likes experiencing with different types of foods- I still remember when he cooked that roast with all those oranges. I wanted to puke. Haha sorry dad!
6) he taught me to drive, not only an automatic but a standard, and a bike.
7) speaking of a bike, my favorite gift him and mom ever bought me was a bike!
8) he taught me to be a hard worker Always having to rake up those leaves and sticks in the yard( it was hard!)
9) him and my mom always sent me to eft every summer.
10) he is a great example of a priesthood holder, and has helped me choose a partner who is the same!
11) he is always fun to be around. He always has a joke to tell and funny things to say.
12) he loves playing hockey
13) he is a great grandpa
14) he would take me on drives when I was in high school and we would have the best talks
15) he taught me the importance of education
16) he taught me the importance of a family
17) he encouraged me to buy my first car! Jorge ( my car) and I will be forever greatful
18) he is the best BBQ -er
19) he has a great smile
20) we are alot alike.

My dad is great. He is my favorite dad and always will be. :) I'm so proud he's my dad and hopes he has the BEST birthday today ever!!!
Love your favorite youngest daughter!!!!! Whitney.

Mudding and taping

That's right folks!! Our house is now onto Mudding and taping stage! I am very excited as you an tell, so is Cody. We can't wait to have a place to call our own!

Here are some photos! These are from before the weekend- since then everything has been cleaned out and all the taping has been done. They just now need to start sanding.

Those are just a few of the pictures.....
We are finally just going to get the rest of our house stuff. Thank GOODNESS for Kijiji and wicked deals at some furniture stores we have been able to get some good deals, but we still have couches to buy, a tv to get, night side tables etc. I am a busy lady tying to get all my pinterest ideas to come to life! Any one free to help paint ;)

Or have any craft supplies? Like old lace?

I'll post about the crafts I have up my sleeve a later night. I'm exhausted from our weekend at my parents and ready for bed!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Our House: Updated

I have had a few of you remind me that I have not posted pictures of my house! (yes mom, this is so that you can see where our house is at). This is the update as of yesterday! You have no idea how excited I am to finally move in and open all the boxes that are under Cody's parents crawl space! I'm sure they also will be happy to have there basement back!

Without further adue, here is our house! (pictures are in NO particular order)

#1 photo master bedroom window #1                         #2 photo- stairs to basement.

 #3 photo- stairs to upstairs.                                           #4 photo- 2nd bedroom

 #5 photo- FRONT DOOR!!!!                                      #6 photo- washer and dryer closet

 #7 photo- outside of our home. ours is the left.            #8 photo- side view of our stairs

 #9 our roof/attic                                                           #10- our windows that are going in!

 #11- our back door/boot room                                     #12- 1st spare bedroom

 #13- our basement                                                       #14- our back door :)

 #15- our walk in closet(Master Bedroom)                   #16 our side closet

 #17- our bathroom(it's only 1/2. I couldn't get it all)    #18- our main floor. kitchen/living room

 #19- window in upstairs spare room                            #20 kitchen window
                                    #21- another view from our 2nd bedroom window

It is REALLY hard not to go out every day to see our house. I do LOVE seeing it and every days new changes- but Cody  and I made a pact that we would go out once a week- so far we haven't done TOO bad in following that. These past weeks lots of stuff has been happening with the house so we have been "slipping out" to go and see it. So far not TOO many glitches with it. We are concerned with the stairs going to the basement. The show home has 3 stairs but ours has 6.... we aren't sure we like it with 6 and are hoping that they are just doing that to work and that they will put our original 3 back in, but we have to talk to them to make sure that's what they are doing.

We have a neighbour who built 1 1/2 months before us and so we have been watching there's "grow" as well. It's quite exciting actually- it's smooth sailing from here on out. They do the electrical/ insulation/ drywall this week and a half. And then they begin taping and sanding(this I have been told takes a couple of weeks to get the whole house organized. Then they paint, put our kitchen appliances/cupboards/ granite/hardwood. Then they do all the finishing touch ups(We have a desk in the living room they are building, and a shelf and seat in the "boot room"). So hopefully we can aim for beginning of July! (but I am thinking late July...) Let's just hope they stay on track! They seem to work quite fast and seem to do a lot while they are there. The contractor our builder has hired works hard and does give you what you want. Now just to get out there and give them some donuts and pops! Maybe then they will work even HARDER and FASTER to get our house done! I sure hope so!!

Anyhoo, there will be more pictures to see and more blogs to write about this house. I can't wait to see the finishing product. I love being able to see the stages it's being built in. It's really a fun process. Just wish it went by faster :P

Thanks for reading! I love to hear your feedback/ comments on my blog and just about suggestions you have! So comment away!


Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother

A Tribute to my mom.
Yes, I will admit this is a late post. Mother's day was yesterday... but no
matter what day it is I want to give thanks to my mom.

My mom is a hero to me. An example of kindness and love. 
She is the best. Some of my favourite things my mom ever did for me, or fond memories I have
with her are... Jello Popsicles. (YUM), kool aid ice cubes, making crafts, tying my shoes(my mom taught me to tie my shoes), learning to bake, eating Teddy Bear bread right after it came out of the oven, baking with my mom,  my mom forcing me to go on walks(though I hated them then, I appreciate them all now), having sleepovers when I was young and my dad would go away for a conference, cuddling on the couch( I still do this one. she HONESTLY has the best cuddles... and hugs!)

Those are just a few of the great things I can think of that I loved doing with my mom. She truly is a great example to me. She shows me what a loving mother does. How she loves being a mom. She has taught me that you can always find positivity in a day and work with what you got.

My mom is the ultimate best. I know she loves me. She tells me every day. 
I always loved getting comments from friends when they would say, " I wish I had as good as relationship with your mom with my mom." I love being with my mom. She is a fun loving person. She enjoys spending her days with family, watching her grand kids in the backyard. Being called "Grammie". 

My mom has always taught me to stand up for myself and to never let anyone tell me I am less then perfect. To stand up for what I believe in and show it to the world. :)
When I was little I used to think my mom was like Emma Smith. She had dark hair like Emma, She did crafts like Emma and she loved the church.My mom is such a great example to me because no matter what's going on with life she will never lose her testimony. 

I have learnt through the years how much I love my mom. How much I want to be like her and strive to be the mother that she is. One that will ALWAYS have mother instincts radar to the 100%. Who will always care and nurture her children. One thing about my mom is she loves to take care of her kids and grand kids. She always loves when we visit because she gets the opportunity to cook and play games with us. She's a fun mom. She really is. 

I love my mom because of her personality. She LIKES having grandchildren around. She hates when we are away. She LIKES when we get to be together. She hates always having the house to herself. She LIKES having someone need her. She DOESN'T like when you don't call her often. She LIKES hearing her grandchildren laugh. She DOESN'T like bugs. She LIKES helping others. She DISLIKES bullies. She LIKES making new friends. She hates going for walks by herself. She LIKES homemade marshmallow chocolates. She HATES junk food. She loves making herself better. She LOVES playing games. She HATES that I don't like trains. She LOVES that Cody will play trains. She HATES cheaters. She loves 'Doing things yourself'. She HATES paying full price for anything. She LOVES finding a good deal and telling everyone about it. She HATES not buying something and then kicks herself when she goes back and it's not there. She LOVES the color brown. She HATED when we were little we would tell her her hair was black. 

Through the years I've given my mom a lot of grief. Poor woman probably had a heart attack once a week. But through it all she loved me through thick and thin. She has always wanted what is best for me and will always make sure I get it. As long as I am happy she is happy. :)

To my mom Ruby,

I love your name. I love you. I love your cuddles and hugs. I love your caring, sweet spirit. I love that you love me so much. I love the random songs you sing. I love how you tell stories in full detail, nothing is ever left out. I love that you are crafty- and have passed that down to me. I love that you are just a LITTLE bit taller then me. ;) I love that you married my dad. I love how you love, with a whole heart and sweet spirit. I love that all you want is your kids to have the best. To be happy and live a good life. I love that I picked you as my mom. I know that I watched you when I was in heaven and couldn't wait for you to meet Dad. I love looking at old pictures, my favorite is you holding me and me drinking a bottle. Even then you cuddled me, even if I didn't want it. I love your testimony of the church. and your constant teachings of it. I love your service attitude, and the great example that is to me, Thank you for serving ME through the years.

Mom, you are a true friend. Thank you for always being my mom first and my friend second. You always were there when I needed you. 

To my sisters as well- Happy Mother's Day! Thank you as well for being such loving examples.
Kathy- thank you for showing me that no matter what you can always be the fun mom. Thank you for showing me that big families can be fun and that service to others is the way to true happiness.

Cheryl- thank you for showing me that crafting can be fun for both you and kids! Thank you for showing me that being a stay at home mom can be fun. Thank you for teaching me patience for your family. 

Natalie- Thank you for showing me to enhance your children's quirks. Your kids are such fun loving kids, everyone will want to be there friends. Thank you for letting me be with you and learn from you even from a young age. You are such a fun mom, always taking your kids places and I can't wait to be that mom too. One that makes educational things(and other things too!) super fun!

Thank you mom. Thank you. I love you so much.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One simple door.

Remember my last post folks? One about that beautiful door that I found? I have put EXTREME thought into this door. What color that would look good. If I should stain it instead. If I should keep it white.... and maybe paint a simple silver stencil around the edge..... I AM BLOCKED! I CAN'T THINK! I swear I've gone crafting dumb. I have AWESOME ideas of course for everything else like my table!!( that is for later this blog) but of course I am stumped with this door. If any of you in the blogging world know what you think would look good.... please. HELP ME!

Now onto a more positive note.

Our kitchen table.

My lovely sister in law Heather gave us our table( and Beau!) They too are recently are moving and were able to get rid of the "junk"they don't want.... It's a beautiful table. I love it! Its brown metal and has a glass top. Super trendy and wonderful!!! The chairs have the same effect. Chocolate brown metal with a light wooden woven seat.

When we went home to visit my parents in Medicine Hat, my mom helped me come up with the COOLEST idea. I wanted to "spice up" our house. But having Lionsworthe paint a new color on a new wall is $200 PER WALL!!!!! NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL!!!!RIDICULOUS RIGHT?

SO. We put our heads together and decided that we were going to do this.

- THAT'S RIGHT! wall paper. I originally wanted to use wrapping paper but it rips too easily. So wall paper it was. (my mom is super crafty) 

2) Modge Podge- modge podge this wallpaper to the underside of the glass! Instead of having a table cloth on it all the time, or having it just plain glass, add wall paper to the underside to SPICE IT UP!

That's IT!! Just 2 easy steps to make a trendy table TRENDIER!

Alright, back to the door. I think I need a work bee weekend. To get me into the crafting mood. I need an open canvas (which I have with the white door) ... which could be the first problem. But I think all I need is to go to the paint store. Get my creative gears turning and paint paint paint!

I may need my sister's in with this one. :)

 And some crafty blogs to read! One of my favorite ones is "Oops, I craft my pants!" check it out! Usely some really great ideas on it!

Chow for now! Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Us and Our house

Hello All,

I have started this blog, for more reason then just one. One reason being that I have failed at all attempts to begin a blog 3 times now. I love reading others blogs and learning of cool ways to create beautiful things for my home/life for cheap! And in the end, it's a place to come when you want to share your accomplishments with others. No matter how big or small.

Our accomplishment thus far is we are building a house! (no not with our bare hands.... but close to it!) I feel we are always out there watching the process of the house going up. We get teased for going out so often but it goes by too fast, and I will kick myself if I don't watch the process.

We are at the fun stage right now. The basement has been poured, the electricity base placed, and all piping to our house has been put in and ready to go. They are going to build the frame and then the walls and away they go with our house! TOO exciting.

(these are from beginning to end of the basement, all done within 3 days!)

Building a house does teach you a thing or 2 about yourself that you might not of already known. Mine is that, though I felt I had grown a patience for others, I haven't. I always say to Cody, " they should be working harder. They should be working faster!" but he is always right when he says, " they are going at the speed that they can. We want a well built home. Not scraps of wood put together." And yes, in the end, I would prefer to have a well put together home where I don't have to worry about the walls cracking, or us being blown over in the wind!

What helps me with my patience is my new found friend, Pinterest. I have had pinterest for about a year now, but it has never become a part of me until we decided to buy a house. Pinterest has a lot of really "easy to understand" posts of DIY projects that allow me to feel like I've made something nice for myself!

My "in-laws" recently did a renovation and had a door left over... I recently found it in the backyard and fell in love with it. I had seen an idea where they take an old door. Paint it the color of their choice and then mount it to the wall- using it as a DIY headboard! BRILLIANT idea. and VERY cost effective. Well luckily, my father-in-law graciously let me have it and now my brain gears are turning.... trying to decide on color etc.

SEE! Once you get one step going(building a house, finding a house, renting a house....) Pinterest enters your life and you can't stop it! It makes having nice furniture...tangible!

This is what ONE door looks like as a headboard. We may not use those colors per-say but it DEFINITELY helps with the final picture.

Well, my husband has finished watching his basketball game, I am tired from work and am ready to crawl in bed, watch an episode of Community and head of to dream land!

Hope you enjoyed! I will start posting my OWN DIY project adventures and hope I can be of some inspiration to you other DIYer's who want to be financially savvy with me!